A New Revolution in the Cannabis Industry: Delta 8 Hemp Gummies

Delta 8 Hemp Gummies as an Alternative

While you’re waiting for full federal legalization of marijuana you might be wondering how you can take advantage of some of the health benefits of hemp. Delta 8 is a federally legal compound which can be found in edibles, oil, and flower forms. While Delta 8 products do contain THC, the level of THC is under the amount allowed by federal law, so Delta 8 products can be sold in any store. It’s important to note however, that since Delta 8 does contain THC, it will produce the psychoactive “high” effect that is usually associated with marijuana products. Since the concentration of THC is quite small, a large dosage of Delta 8 would be required to feel anything, but it will happen given a high enough dose. If you want to avoid the high affect and only have the CBD portion of the delta 8, it would likely be best to gravitate towards a product that only contains CBD.

Delta 8 Benefits

As Delta 8 contains both THC and CBD, research is starting to be conducted into whether there are possible health benefits of Delta 8. While no conclusive research has yet to prove anything, there are early indications that Delta 8 could help reduce anxiety, and inflammation. Many people in America are taking CBD products and anecdotally echoing these findings, though research is still needed to conclusively prove it. If you want to try Delta 8, the Delta 8 hemp gummies are one of the most convenient ways to take it, with no setup, and no clean-up!

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