A Real Estate Attorney in Walker, MN Could Help Change Zoning for a Business

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Lawyers

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Part of operating a successful business is choosing the right location. The part of town where a business’s operations center is housed can make a huge difference when it comes to finding good employees and making a profit. Sometimes, the perfect location becomes available, but zoning prevents a business owner from using the land commercially. When this happens, a real estate attorney in Walker, MN might be able to help.

Why Zoning Laws?

Zoning laws are in place for a reason. They prevent businesses from buying and using land right next to, or even within, residential areas and disrupting the neighborhood with noise and traffic. However, the city has the option to allow a business owner to use a property for commerce. There may be a stack of paperwork to fill out, and by working with a real estate attorney in Walker, MN, a business owner can ensure all the documents are completed fully and accurately.

Seek Community Support

Many times, neighbors play a significant role in the changing of zoning for particular properties. It’s up to the business owner, with the help of their attorney, to convince the community that having a business on the lot will make their lives more enjoyable. Whether the company will hire a lot of local people or provide a service they need, it’s important to get the word out early. The city may hold a hearing to seek community input prior to ruling on a zoning change, and if the neighbors don’t know about the business, they aren’t likely to attend.

There are many available plots of land that are suitable for business, and a lot of them are already zoned for commercial or mixed use. However, when a business owner has their sights set on a property that isn’t zoned for business, they can contact our law firm for help in getting the land use changed.

Real estate lawyers understand the laws and how to go about changing them to benefit their clients. This isn’t something a small business owner should attempt to do on their own. With the help of a lawyer and support from the community, a business is likely to get the land they need.

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