Adding Marble Countertops To Small Minneapolis Kitchens

by | May 2, 2018 | Home Improvement

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Often in home renovation or home design magazines or online photos, the image most associated with marble countertops is of an expansive kitchen with a large island complete with multi-level marble surfaces.

While marble countertops in these types of Minneapolis homes do look amazing, they can look just as fantastic in a smaller kitchen with limited counter space. In fact, by choosing the right color combination in the cabinets, countertops and the flooring, it is possible to create a look of a much larger space, opening up even a small kitchen.

Light Colors

The choice of marble countertops for small spaces is ideal with the white colors of marble. The classic look of Carrara marble with its white to very pale off-white, blue to gray background and subtle to more significant marbling makes it a perfect option.

Pairing the natural lightness and lustrous finish of this polished marble with white or natural wood cabinets creates an airy, open look in a small kitchen area. Lighter colored flooring, window treatments, and wall color choices enhance the look of more space in the room.

Enhancing the Design

Renovations of a smaller, older style kitchen from the standard counters around the edges of the kitchen to adding an island can also add to the look of space. The use of a lighter marble or even an Emperador Dark option paired with cabinets and flooring adds to the open look of the room.

Adding an ornate profile to the edge of the marble countertops can also give an illusion of a larger surface area. It is also a top idea to create a unique look to your Minneapolis home during the renovation process.

Take the time to browse online and look at the different options for marble counters in smaller kitchens and homes. Your local marble and natural stone countertop supplier can also provide ideas customized to your design preferences.

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