Caulking Your Shower Enclosures in Plainfield

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Materials

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Caulking Shower Enclosures in Plainfield is one of the most pocket-friendly ways of protecting your bathroom from incurring moisture damage. Ensure that the caulk you choose for the job is specifically designed for mildew resistance and bathrooms. A stronger seal is formed by silicone caulk; however, latex caulk is much easier to clean and remove should the seal fail. Below are simple steps to caulking your shower enclosure.

Start with cleaning the surface you are about to caulk, thoroughly.

Preparation of the Surface

Use a bathroom cleaner to remove any soap scum. Next, carefully remove old caulk using a razor blade or knife. Ensure that you do not scratch the surface of your shower’s enclosure. Should the caulk not scrape off, use hot air from a hair dryer to loosen the old seal.

Once all the caulk is removed, use a towel dipped in denatured alcohol to wipe the area around the seal. Alcohol helps loosen old caulk and remove residual soap scum. Remove additional caulk using a vacuum cleaner around the joints.

Once all the cleaning steps are carried out, allow your shower to sit overnight without use. Leaving it overnight allows the shower to thoroughly dry out allowing caulk to adhere properly.


Use a caulking gun. The gun is a relatively inexpensive means of ensuring that caulking the shower enclosure is easier and faster. You ought to purchase special tubes for your caulk that will fit in the caulking gun.

Load the caulk gun with the caulk tube and cut the tip of your tube at a 45-angle degree with scissors. Ensure that the opening you made is in perfect alignment with the gun base for proper application. Rest the opening against a point where your shower enclosure meets with the soffit or ceiling. Caulk corners and vertical seams of your enclosure first.

Squeeze your gun’s trigger gently and steadily. Avoid starting and stopping to ensure you have a smooth surface. Use a plastic spoon to press caulk into the seam and smooth it at the top. Carry out the same procedure all around the enclosure and let it cure for a day or two.

For more information on how to caulk shower enclosures in Plainfield, Contact Bolingbrook Glass And Mirror. If you cannot get your hands on a caulk gun, use a squeezable tube. Ensure that the entire process is done in a single session.

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