Cavity Care Is Provided By the Family Dentist in Arlington TX

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Dentist

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Cavities can arise at any time and are caused by plaque that develops on the teeth. Plaque is acidic and begins to break down the enamel of the teeth. When this happens, cavities begin to occur and can lead to pain and the destruction of the tooth. With this information, individuals will better understand what they can expect from the cavity treatment services provided by the Family dentist in Arlington TX.

How Do Dentists Treat Cavities?

When a cavity occurs, prompt dental care is crucial for protecting the health of the tooth. Individuals need to know what they can expect from the treatment process so they will be prepared. The first step in the process is an examination. The dentist will talk with their patient about the symptoms and examine the affected tooth. The dentist will also take X-rays. X-rays are instrumental in making sure the dentist is able to properly diagnose the depth of the cavity and make a decision on treatment.

Treatment for a cavity begins with numbing the tooth. Once the tooth has been numbed, the dentist will go to work on removing the decayed areas. This is done using special tools that remove the diseased tooth tissue. When the dentist removes this diseased tissue, this leaves behind an opening in the tooth. The tooth will then need to be filled with a special filling material.

Tooth fillings come in many different forms, including composite and amalgam. The dentist will decide on the type of filling based on the size of the cavity and where the tooth is located. Many people today choose composite fillings because they blend in with the tooth tissue and allow a person’s teeth to continue to look natural.

Once a tooth is filled, the filling will last a few years, depending on the type. If issues begin to arise with the filling, it can be replaced. The Family dentist in Arlington TX will help individuals to overcome their tooth pain and protect their tooth from further damage.

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