Check These 3 Things Before Calling for AC Repair in Lancaster, SC

There are several things to take care of before calling for AC repair in Lancaster, SC. One task is recording as much information as possible. This way, your technician has everything they need to inspect and repair the unit. Furthermore, you may find the issue is simple enough to fix on your own, such as cleaning or replacing the air filters. Check These 3 Things Before Calling for AC Repair.

Identify The General Issue

The first thing you need to do is identify the issue with your air conditioner. This ranges from warm air blowing out to unusual noises. You also want to take note of your unit’s age. Determining the issue gives your technician an idea of where to start during the inspection.

Ensure The Unit Is On

You can potentially save time and money on an AC repair in Lancaster, SC, by ensuring the unit is powered up. If the unit uses a heat pump, check the breaker box to ensure it has enough power. For a window unit, ensure it is fully plugged into the outlet.

Inspect The Thermostat And Filters

You may be dealing with an issue as simple as a dead thermostat battery or dirty air filters, which can cause the unit to stop working. Before calling a professional, inspect these components and replace them as needed.

If you need to call for AC repair in Lancaster, SC, contact the Comfort Zone of the Carolinas.

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