Choosing a Memory Care Facility

Memory care improves the quality of life for seniors who have mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, memory loss and cognitive impairment are progressive issues. However, proper memory care can slow the pace of cognitive decline. When choosing the best memory care facility in New York, consider factors like the type of facility, the level of staff training, and the types of memory care exercises and activities being offered.

One thing to consider first when choosing the best memory care facility in New York is the stage or level of cognitive decline your loved one is experiencing. More and more people are opting for senior assisted living or even living at an independent senior facility during the earliest stages of cognitive decline. This is proving to be the best option for many seniors, who can retain dignity and autonomy for as long as possible but still receive memory care.

Cognitive decline and other symptoms of dementia may worsen over time, making it easier for residents of some assisted living facilities to access different types of memory care options. Chelsea Senior Living is one of the few facilities in New York that offers different living options for seniors at different stages of cognitive decline. Relying on the same facility, you and your loved ones experience as little stress as possible.

Also, it is critical to consider the level of staff training and the caliber of nursing care at a senior living facility. Memory care is an evidence-based practice that needs to be delivered in conjunction with other elements of overall physical and mental healthcare. At a facility in New York like Chelsea Senior Living, the staff will be trained not only in memory care but in caring for the whole person. For the best in individualized memory care in New York, a good place to start is by looking into what programs are available at Chelsea.

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