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by | Sep 26, 2018 | Interior Designer

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While both are certainly respectable forms of art and science, there are some important differences between residential design and commercial design. Both deal with the marriage of beauty and function. However, the mission of a commercial design expert varies significantly from that of a residential design expert. This is just as true in Alexandria, VA as it is elsewhere. However, in an area like Alexandria that has commercial areas in and around it, a homeowner could mistakenly choose a commercial interior designer when a residential expert is what they really need.

The Key Difference

Commercial spaces are designed to encourage and enhance the quality of productivity. And while there is an element of productivity in the residential space, the primary function of a home is not for it to be an extension of your job. We will take a look at some of the aspects of good interior design that distinguish the work of an interior design expert.

The Use of Color

A true interior design expert uses color without fear. This doesn’t mean everything must be covered in bright, abrasive hues, but strong interior design takes into account colors in a tasteful, and just as important, logical manner. For instance, if you choose a granite countertop for a kitchen, there should be harmony between the colors in the granite and the kitchen cabinets and their hardware and handles. Furthermore, it’s not just about matching colors but trying to create a feeling that compliments the desire of the homeowner. There should be a sense of intentionality.

Thoughtful Use of Space

An inexperienced interior designer will try to create space without concern for the sensible positioning of things. Chairs and sofas in the living spaces will be thrown against walls in order to simulate a feeling of emptiness in the middle of the room. However, an expert residential interior designer knows how to mold the space around the life patterns of the homeowners, placing furniture accordingly. Versatility in this is particularly helpful in the Alexandria, VA area because some areas have plenty of room for large houses, but there are still apartments with strict spatial limits. Your interior design expert will know how to maneuver these challenges.

Varied Use of Texture

Texture can almost be thought of as a dimension, and a residential interior design expert in Alexandria will know how to make your home “multi-dimensional”. Outdoor textures like straw or brick may go surprisingly well with smoother indoor ones. Your design expert will know how to create this variety.

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