Cleaning An Epoxy Floor

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Home Improvement

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Poured seamless flooring that contains an epoxy coating requires routine cleaning in order to eliminate stains and restore shine. The following steps describe the tools, cleaning agent and steps that are needed to treat most surface stains and prevent a coating from becoming damaged.


* dust mop

* bucket

* hot water

* mild detergent

* ammonia

* sponge mop

* dry mop

Collecting Loose Dirt And Treating Stains

A dust mop can be moved over a floor’s surface in order to collect loose dirt. A cleaning solution that contains a small amount of mild detergent and water can be prepared in a bucket. A sponge mop should be used to apply a solution to stains. A scrub brush should not be used because it could damage a floor’s coating. If stains are difficult to remove from some areas, a small amount of ammonia can be added to a cleaning agent to increase its strength. Vinegar or citrus cleaning agents should never be applied to epoxy because they can cause a floor’s coating to weaken.

Eliminating Soapy Film And Drying An Epoxy Coating

A sponge mop that has been dipped into plain water can be used to eliminate soapy film from a floor’s surface. A mop may need to be rinsed with water several times in order to remove soapy residue. A mop that is designed to dry floors can be moved over an Epoxy Floor. By drying a surface in a prompt manner, an individual will not need to be concerned about anyone slipping or falling on a floor. A dry mop will also increase shininess.

Hiring A Professional

Severe stains or marks on a floor’s surface may require professional help. A flooring specialist who works at Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation or a similar business will repair an existing floor or may recommend that a new one is installed. An estimate will be provided for free before an individual decides to hire a specialist. A seamless floor that has a slip-resistant surface or one that contains a logo can be installed inside of a showroom or warehouse and will enhance items that are on display. A seamless Epoxy Floor is also commonly installed inside of a residential setting. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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