Disc Regenerative Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA: An Alternative to Surgery

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Health

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Back pain can range from something uncomfortable that resolves itself in a short amount of time, to something that can be debilitating, causing a person to miss out on activities that he or she once enjoyed. Research is always taking place to try and find a remedy for the more serious of back issues, including disc degeneration. While some procedures are still being investigated, meaning that even more effective procedures and possibilities could be on the horizon, disc regenerative therapy is something for patients to consider as a substitution for surgery.

What are the Options for Disc Regeneration?

Today, there are two different ways to participate in disc regenerative therapy in Costa Mesa CA. The first involves an injection into the area that is showing signs of degeneration. Saline, as well as glucosamine, are inside the injection. Another alternative is to use a person’s own stem cells to help regenerate this part of the body. Cell fluid is extracted from the body and is processed so that the stem cells are separated. They are then injected back into the back. These procedures create much less down time than back surgery and give patients hope without needing to remove any discs.

How Does Disc Regeneration Work?

By injecting glucosamine into the back, the body begins to create collagen. This supports the back and can offer additional strength to the area, helping to relieve some of the pain. The stem cells work in a similar way in that they are injected into the back and begin to help the back regenerate, causing some of the back pain issues to be resolved. For many back pain sufferers, Disc Regenerative Therapy in Costa Mesa CA offers a solution that helps to relieve pain and gives them more freedom of movement.

Am I a Candidate for Disc Regenerative Therapy?

Not everyone is a candidate for this regenerative therapy. It’s important to speak with a pain specialist to learn more details about the procedures and find out which patients have the best chances of success. If you’re interested in the procedure and want to find out if it could help you, check out Aspirepainmedicalcenter.com. Even if the disc regenerative therapy isn’t for you, there are countless other options to help with your pain management. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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