Discover Your Options for Laser Hair Removal in Barrington

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Medical Spa

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It is unfortunate that so many consumers are becoming too comfortable with general terms. For example, if you see options for laser hair removal in Barrington, you might not ask about the specifics. For example, what sort of laser and what are the expectations you should have about the hair removal treatment?

That is why we offer our clients the full details about the laser hair removal in Barrington we make available. Firstly, it is always done with the remarkable Sciton laser devices. This is because they are a leading firm in the world of spa laser treatments. With their devices, our expert estheticians can provide you with fast and accurate treatment, ensuring long-term results and the highest quality outcomes.

We also trust this brand for their amazing safety records, and apply the Sciton laser devices to everything from the laser hair removal in Barrington we offer to laser peels, skin firming, acne treatments and more.

The hair removal and reduction treatments can be used on even the most targeted and difficult areas including the bikini and under arms, legs and more. We rely on the Sciton ClearScan to do the work and it is noted as being one of the most trusted of all hair removal systems. It uses a 755nm wavelength that is known for being the optimal setting for hair elimination. And unlike many laser options, this is able to target large or small areas and features built in heat dissipation that ensures minimal surface heating and buildup. One of the most frequent complaints about laser treatments is the buildup of heat, but with this device, you will only feel warmth without the usual discomfort.

As an outpatient treatment you have zero downtime and can get back to your daily routine as soon as the treatment is done. It is a safe treatment for people of all skin tones and colors and is even a good option for treating pigmented lesions and fine lines or wrinkles!

Whether you are a man eager to eliminate your facial hair or a woman with a few spots of unwanted body hair, this laser treatment is for you. If you are eager to learn about your options for laser hair removal in Barrington as well as other Sciton laser treatments, feel free to contact Regency Medical Spa to book a consultation and office visit.

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