How Engineered Stone Countertops Will Enhance Your Home

by | May 30, 2017 | Home Improvement

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When you choose to upgrade your home from 3 stars to the maximum 5-star quality, the addition of engineered stone in your kitchen and bathroom will boost the appeal of living in it and the selling capability for your property. As an engineered stone, quartz countertops in Minneapolis will help your home look like a palace and stun all your visitors by the high quality of the finish.

Do Not Confuse Quartz with Marble or Granite

Marble and granite are natural stone components, fabricated into countertops. Quartz countertops in Minneapolis are quite different because they are engineered stone counters that are manufactured from a wide variety of quartz crystals. They are bound together with a resin binder to provide the strength of natural stone. For many, quartz provides many benefits that are above those provided by the natural stone options.

There is no doubting that quartz countertops in Minneapolis that have been compressed into the shape of a slab are very similar in both texture and color to the natural stones. When you examine more closely, you may find that the color in quartz countertops is more uniform throughout the slab.

Although some individuals prefer the unique finishes of granite and marble, being able to apply a uniform color in the quartz countertop gives you the ability to match all the countertops and perhaps splash backs within your kitchen or bathroom.

While you may enjoy the various natural colors of marble and granite, there is a wider variation of available colors in quartz which can have colorants added to achieve the perfect finish to match your cupboards, flooring and other areas.

Quartz is almost as hard as granite, and you will find it difficult to find the difference. Quartz is stronger in one area compared to the natural stone in that it will not crack as easily (none of them crack without difficulty) and remains extremely resistant to heat. Quartz is easy to clean will not stain and looks great.

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