Is There a Such Thing as a Perfect Church?

Whether you’ve just made a move to a new town, started a new family or found religion for the first time, you may be wondering how to find the perfect church for you and your family. Likewise, if you’ve been attending church for a long time and are beginning to feel burnt out or bored in your home church, you may be wondering if there is a better church out there. Are all churches the same, and is there really such a thing as a perfect church?

Perfection Isn’t Possible

Christian Today tells us that there is simply no such thing as a perfect church. Sure, there might be a great location for every family. With so many Christian and Catholic churches available in the United States and other nations, there seems to be an option for nearly every style and sentiment. From the laid-back and modern to the traditional and conservative, there are churches in every town to fill every need.

Why, then, does it seem that there are no perfect churches? Surely there are some that are better than others? The answer lies in the nature of humanity, itself. The Bible tells us that we will never experience perfection this side of Heaven. Since churches are composed of human beings, there simply is no way to make them flawless.

And That’s Okay!

The problem with churches being imperfect is that many people wait until they find a flawless one to continue their walk with God. Unfortunately, this means these people spend their lives wandering without guidance or fellowship. There will never be a perfect church, but that doesn’t mean your family’s church can’t strive to improve and serve both God and its members and community better.

The ideal church is one that recognizes and embraces its faults and those of its members, and gathers in the name of God anyway. It is purpose-driven, unified in its goals and filled with the grace of God. If a church has all of these things, you’ll never need anything better. Don’t wait for perfection. Find the perfectly-imperfect church in your community today, and start making a difference in the name of God today.

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