Key Tips for Using Terracotta Vases

One of the best ways to showcase your favorite plants is in beautiful terracotta vases and planters. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re going to be using these types of planters. While they are wonderful vases for displaying and keeping a variety of plants, they also require a certain amount of care to ensure both vases and plants remain beautiful and healthy in your garden.

Moistening Your Vases

One of the key things to remember with terracotta vases is to soak them prior to using them. Because they are made of clay, they tend to steal water from the soil around your plants. This can lead to issues when it comes to the way the vases allow water to drain away from the plants. Additionally, when watering your plants, it’s a good idea to also moisten the vases and let them absorb some water as well.

Use a Filter at the Base

Another good idea when using terracotta vases for plants is to use a filter of some kind at the bottom of the vase, beneath the soil. While vases typically have drainage holes, using a filter will keep too much water from draining out at once and will help control the water levels within the soil. If the plant and vase are small enough, you can even use a coffee filter to do the job. Otherwise, you can use fine mesh as a filter to prevent too much water draining out.

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