Make Good Use of Your Trash Service in CT

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Waste Management

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If you really stop and think about the number of things that leave your home in the course of a normal year, and then how many people live in your community, it quickly becomes apparent how important trash service really is. If there weren’t someone coming through the neighborhood on a regular basis to haul everything away, life would be a lot messier and less pleasant. Whether you’ve newly moved to the area, or you just haven’t paid all that much attention in the past, knowing a little about how local trash service works can make life a lot more tidy.

If you don’t already have service for some reason, you can go online to sign up for Trash Service CT and have everything set up in just a few minutes. Once you’re signed up and paid for, your trash will be picked up along with the others in your neighborhood on the appointed day. Keep in mind that you’ll have to abide by the agreement that you made when signing up, including the need to make sure that your trash is out by six in the morning on the scheduled day. If you wait until any later than that, there is a risk that you’ll miss it for the week and you’ll have to wait until the following week instead.

The area also provides single-stream recycling. This is a big help to people who know how important it is to recycle but have never been able to set aside the time and energy to keep everything properly sorted. With a single-stream option, everything can go into a single bin and then be sorted later on after it’s been picked up. You should still try to make sure that the containers and other items are basically clean, though.

There is an online schedule of Trash Service CT that shows what days service will not be offered due to holidays. When these happen on a weekend, service otherwise continues as normal. If they happen on a week day, however, Willimantic Waste Paper Co will come to pick everything up a day later than usual, and Friday’s route will instead happen on Saturday.

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