Modular Office Furniture: Maximizing Space

Modular office furniture, sometimes incorporated as part of an architectural movable system, first became of interest during the 1980s. Today, with the rise of technology firms, the movement among many offices is to create spaces that are integrative in nature. Collaboration is all the rage and modular furniture satisfies this criteria. Companies also perceive this trend as a means of lowering costs while reducing and maximizing space.

Reducing and Maximizing Space

Space can be expensive. For some companies fast growth may necessitate the purchase of more real estate. This is a costly proposition. However, re-examining the configuration of office works space may lead to expansion without moving into more space. While cubicles may have been all the rage, they are being replaced by spaces that are more open. To utilize this trend, an office can order modular furniture.

Modular office furniture both saves and maximizes space in several ways. It:

* Adapts to the space – It is ever changing and conforms easily to any particular space, its contingencies and limitations. It easily adapts to the needs of employees. This is important to many creative personnel. It can be, therefore, an incentive that attracts and later helps retain employees.

* Is movable, ensuring different configurations are available for collaborative and/or individual work – Research indicates that companies that utilize collaborative efforts increase team productivity

* Readily accommodates technology

* Often includes its own storage space, therefore saving on cabinet installation, etc.

* Is flexible in design, style and usage – It makes the most of the space you have today and will need tomorrow

* Addresses the present and future needs of employees, office space and technological collaborative events – Modular furniture allows companies to save money in the present and the future by reducing the need for purchasing furniture to suit the changing nature of the office setting and space

By being so flexible, modular office furniture reduces and/or maximizes the amount of actual square footage of space an individual requires to perform his or her job efficiently and effectively.

Modular Workstations

Modular workstations are easy to obtain. They come ready made. They may also be interchangeable. Furniture units within a modular grouping can meet the specific demands both corporate culture and/or the individual employee. They can express the aesthetic demands or senses of groups that work creatively together. Yet, when returned to individual cubicles or settings, are able to stand-alone or meet the needs of the singular employee.

Modular Office Furniture: Space Saving

If you have an office and want to move ahead, consider the value of modular designs. While traditional office furniture can limit you and clutter up valuable space, modular items will not. They are purpose built, flexible in application and, well, modular in design. They work well together and separately. Whether you are considering purchasing items for your office staff or employee lounge, think modular office furniture and you cannot go wrong.

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