Princess Themed Parties With A Tulle Table Skirt

When most people think of a princess themed party, they think of a party for a young girl. While this is a great option, it is also possible to use the same theme for a bridal shower, a baby shower or any woman of any age.

One of the decorating ideas that adds that extra touch to a princess theme is the use of a tulle table skirt. These are light, airy and breezy looking but also provide a look of elegance and sophistication that fits very well with the princess theme.

How To Use Table Skirt

Any table skirt can be used with a standard table cloth. Simply place the tablecloth centered on the table. Attach the table skirt, which will be a standard length to allow for a 30-inch drape. This is the distance from the top edge of the table to the floor on any standard round, square or rectangular table.

The tulle table skirt typically has a Velcro strip that will hold the table skirt to the edge of the table by attaching to the tablecloth and a Velcro table clip. Ideally, use one Velcro table clip, per one foot of skirt length to hold it securely in place.

The only thing you will need to know is the circumference or edge measurements of the table. Most standard tables will be fourteen, seventeen or twenty-one feet, making it easy to choose a skirt. For longer tables, such as a head table, the skirts can be added end to end for a seamless and beautiful look.

Color Choices

For a princess themed party, there are several choices in tulle table skirt colors. A bright fuschia and pink combination are always popular, but a pastel pink, yellow or turquoise is also a great option.

If there are multiple colors featured in the theme, choosing a white or ivory color is a classic look that is sure to blend well with any color scheme.

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