Should You Repair or Replace Your Flat Tire?

Nothing is more troublesome than a tire that keeps losing air. You might keep up with it for a while, but soon you’ll have to take it to your local tire shop in San Antonio. Some flats can easily be repaired, but with others, you are better off replacing the tire. So, what is the right choice? Let’s look a little closer at this common problem to find out.

What Caused the Flat?

The cause of air loss is the most important consideration when considering repairs. For example, you could have a defective or damaged valve stem. Your tire shop in San Antonio can easily fix this problem without making any changes to the tire. However, most flats are caused by some kind of puncture.

Puncture Issues

The size and location of the puncture are very important. For example, if a puncture is near the sidewall, most tire professionals will not make repairs. Why are punctures on or near sidewalls considered to be fatal flaws? The sidewall flexes and moves as you drive down the road. Because of the frequent changes, a repair would not last long. It’s dangerous to try to fix sidewall punctures because you run the risk of sudden air loss while driving. At high speeds, it could be enough to cause you to lose control of your vehicle, and this could result in a serious accident with injuries.

Other Air Loss Causes

Cuts in tires are almost always un-repairable. Also, damage or punctures that injure tire belts should not be fixed. When you use a reputable tire shop in San Antonio, you can trust them to give you honest and dependable service. They do not try to sell you a tire that you don’t need. In fact, they have the safety of you and your family in mind.

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