Signs that Your Child May Need Braces

As a parent, you want to provide the care required to help your children to have a happy and healthy life. From providing for their basic need to health care, there are a variety of factors that contribute to giving your children the life they deserve. One important aspect is to provide them with an exceptional dental care that will help keep their teeth in top condition. Without proper oral care, your child can suffer from dental problems that can affect their overall health and self-esteem. One of the most popular issues that children have is misaligned or crooked teeth. While a dentist can spot these problems easily, there are a few signs to look out for in determining your child requires kids braces in Auburn, NY.

Indications Your Child Can Benefit from Braces

*A noticeable gap between teeth is a good sign that braces may be required to give your child a beautiful smile. The gap can be created by thumb-sucking, the formation of oral tissue, or they can be inherited from a parent.
*Your child is having a difficult time chewing their food properly and eating is painful for them.
*Their teeth are tightly packed or their mouth is crowded can be a sign they need kids braces in Auburn, NY.
*They complain about having pain in their jaws that is uncomfortable.
*You notice there are issues with how they speak and words are not pronounced right due to poor alignment of their teeth.
*They cannot shut their teeth properly without gnashing their teeth.

An Experienced Orthodontist Can Make the Process Easy

The word braces can make a person feel uncomfortable as they immediately think about painful metal brackets. Fortunately, with today’s technological advances there is an alternative treatment for crooked or misaligned teeth.  Littlejohn Orthodontics understands the importance of having a healthy smile. Their friendly staff is devoted to using the latest techniques available to help correct your child’s issue to eliminate and prevent severe problems with their mouth.

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