Spearfish Drug Rehab Centers Designed for Men

National statistics report that men are nearly twice as likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. Treating alcoholism or substance abuse problems doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. Individuals who suffer from alcoholism or substance abuse problems respond to treatments that are focused on them individually, as acceptance is a key factor for both males and females receiving treatment. Women are more likely to enter a treatment program than men, because they have a tendency to listen more to their friends and family, while men hesitate to enter treatment facilities because they let their ego get in the way. Men are often heavier users or drinkers for longer periods, and more often suffer from the long-term health problems associated with substance abuse such as brain disease, liver disease, cognitive problems, and deep depression.

Features of Addiction

A doctor at a drug rehab center in Spearfish will diagnose an addiction if three or more of the following features present themselves:

• Bad withdrawal symptoms

• A strong desire and compulsion to take the substance

• Evidence of increased tolerance

• Problems trying to control the addictive behavior

• Turning to harmful consequences

• Drastic changes in a person’s lifestyle

Pasadena Personalized Treatment Programs for Men

There are various theories about substance abuse disorders among men and why they occur, but it appears that personalities and characteristics are a key part of alcohol and drug abuse factors. There are many drug rehab centers that specialize in treatment plans designed for men throughout southern California. Male rehab centers offer a culture of brotherhood and caring with experienced counselors, compassionate clinicians, and a supportive community. They provide personalized programs geared for each individual man, with 12-step programs, nutritious training, urban adventures, music therapy, yoga, one-on-one sessions, and group family therapy gatherings.

Spearfish Drug Rehab Benefits

There are Drug Rehab Centers In Spearfish that offer day treatments and aftercare programs for patients who have already completed residential treatment, or who may need regular care management, while reintegrating into their old lives. Outpatient treatments are available for patients who have completed day treatment or who simply need a lower level of care during reintegration into the sober world. Many sober living services in rehab centers offer charming bungalows and apartments for patients as they complete their recovery. There are also after care for life programs, and family treatment or group activities that are beneficial to the recovery process and fun to take part in.

One of the Top Male Rehab Centers in Spearfish

We are an accredited rehab center that utilizes personalized addiction treatment programs designed for men, and stand behind a motto of recovery, spirituality, fellowship, and transformation. It is a community of people dedicated to a single purpose: to help show people the way out of the debilitating cycle of alcohol and drug dependency.

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