The Benefits Of Choosing A Remanufactured Trane AC Compressor

by | May 27, 2016 | Tools and Equipment

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For large industrial air conditioners, having the right components and parts is a big consideration. Choosing a remanufactured Trane AC compressor to replace an old or failing compressor is a great way to both save money and ensure a quality compressor with a full 12-month warranty.
Unfortunately, many property owners and business owners don’t understand the value in a remanufactured compressor. They may assume this is the same as buying a “used” compressor when it is really more like buying a new model.

Buying New

Depending on the age of your current industrial or commercial air conditioning system, buying new may include more than just replacing the existing unit. You may need to upgrade the compressor system as Trane, like any air conditioning manufacturer, continues to upgrade their products to match with current energy efficiency requirements, technology and other features.
Buying new may mean having to upgrade other components of the air conditioning systems for optimal efficiency and operation. However, by choosing a remanufactured Trane AC compressor that is the same model it is simply a process of pulling out the old compressor and replacing it with the new remanufactured unit.

Cost Savings

Replacing an existing compressor with a new compressor is going to include several different possible costs. It will include the actual price of the new compressor, the cost of installation and any modifications to the system that are required, as well as time without the system in operation.

By choosing a remanufactured Trane AC compressor not only will you save on the initial price, but you will also save on the cost of any modifications to the system. Additionally, by using recycled, tested and OEM parts the remanufactured compressor is more environmentally friendly.

Keep in mind that the remanufacturing company will also bring in your current non-working Trane air conditioners as part of the transaction. This allows the company to use the parts and components from your system, or actually process and repair your current compressor if possible.

The key factor to remember is that a Trane remanufactured air conditioning compressor is a top quality compressor. It is tested and determined to meet all standards and requirements for the same model if purchased as new.

However, through the use of recycled parts and some new components, the price of the remanufactured compressor is significantly less than new, and can even be lower than the cost of repairs if you also consider downtime and potential future limits to the efficiency of the unit.

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