The Many Benefits of a National Radio Advertising Campaign

by | Jan 23, 2015 | Business

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Radio advertising holds a power over the public which is growing stronger as web mania takes over. With so much focus in the advertising world zoning in on social media and other web based mediums, radio is enjoying resurgence. After all, with the inundation of messages that people receive from the Internet at their work and at their home, it pays to think outside the box with marketing strategy. Plus, there is now one place where it is nearly illegal to even look at your phone or data-enabled device; the car. This leaves a gap to be filed by national radio advertising campaigns.

90% of Americans drive to work, averaging an hour and a half spent in their cars per day. That is a significant amount of time in which to reach out to drivers and their families with your radio message. People listen to the radio in their cars to stem the boredom of that daily commute which eats up so many of their non-working hours. A national radio advertising campaign presents the perfect opportunity to reach those drivers while they are doing nothing but listening to your advertisement and sitting in traffic.

Additionally, one must not ignore the fact that there is a level of intimacy with radio. Personable interactions and human intimacy is getting lost in our Internet saturated world. Radio advertisements feature human beings speaking to other human beings, people aren’t distracted by the physical appeal or how a presenter looks on the television; they are simply listening to the voice of someone speak through their radio’s speakers. Having no visual distraction helps us to focus our attentions more fully on what we are hearing, another bonus for a national radio advertising campaign.

Radio exposure during a work commute also encourages word-of-mouth communication of your message and your product or service. The reputation of the water cooler may be more apt as coffee maker chat sessions these days, but the importance is still the same. For every commuter who did not hear a radio advertisement themselves, there will be another who did and is eager to discuss it. With a national radio advertising campaign which snags commute hour time slots, exposure can easily double thanks to word-of-mouth exposure.

As America digs itself diligently out of its recession, many are only cautiously hopeful about the upswing in the jobs market, property values, and all of the other aspects of the “American Dream” which were once taken for granted. For this reason, it is sensible to examine the financial angle of a national radio advertising campaign. Listening to the radio doesn’t cost money; this may not sound like a selling point for the advertisement of goods to sell, but people are much more trusting of something presented to them without any catches. This is precisely what a national radio advertising campaign provides, free information with which consumers can use to make their own purchasing decisions. For more information regarding how a national radio advertising campaign can do wonders to improve your business, confer with the experts on the subject found at RadioActive Media.

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