Top 4 Signs You Need to Schedule Garner AC Repair Immediately

You don’t want to get caught without AC when temperatures heat up. If you want to avoid the expense of emergency Garner AC repair, call an HVAC technician at the first signs of a problem. Below are four signs you need to make that call.

1. Unit Blows Warm Air

Your AC won’t always blast ice-cold air, especially when it’s really hot and humid outside. However, the AC shouldn’t blow lukewarm air. If you notice this happening, there could be restricted airflow or a problem with the unit’s compressor.

2. Poor Airflow

Put your hand over the floor vent. Does the airflow feel weak? Clogged filters and dirty ductwork can cause this problem, and so can blower issues. You need to restore airflow to optimal levels to get the most out of your AC.

3. Frequent Cycling

Have you noticed your AC runs nearly nonstop? Is it turning on and off too much? On hotter days, it might run more, but it should always complete a cycle. If your AC isn’t completing a cycle, which is about 10 minutes, it’s short-cycling. You want to figure out why it’s doing this to prevent excess wear and tear on the unit.

4. Humid Indoor Air

If your home is cool but feels sticky, you need to schedule a service call. Your AC might only need to be recalibrated, or you might need a whole-house dehumidifier. Your HVAC technician can help you decide.

Take care of those AC issues today. For top-rated Garner AC repair, get in touch with AnyDay Heating & Cooling.

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