Top Reasons To Choose Fristam Pumps

by | Nov 16, 2018 | Industrial Goods & Services

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There are a lot of different companies that manufacture pumps for the sanitary and processing industries. Many of these companies have been in business for decades, and Fristam is one of those well-established sanitary pump brands. Buying a Fristam pump is not always the cheapest option, but it is a pump that has a solid history of performance even in the most demanding types of applications.

Industry Reputation

Fristam pumps sold in the United States are also manufactured in the USA and have been since the company opened facilities here in 1973. The company itself started in Germany and has produced pumps for the sanitary industry as well as other equipment such as powder mixers and blenders.

With this background and experience, there is extensive information on pump performance in a wide range of systems and applications. Finding information on the efficiency and functioning of these pumps is not difficult and is readily available online.

Options in Pumps

While the most popular option in Fristam pumps in the sanitary industry is their line of centrifugal pumps, the company also makes a shear pump, rotary lobe pumps, and double screw pumps. Each specific model and pump design are carefully engineered and manufactured to exacting quality standards and to meet international certifications and requirements for sanitary processing applications.

Durability and Low Maintenance Requirements

Part of the top reputation and performance of Fristam pumps is in working in even the most challenging types of systems. These pumps are designed to have high durability and long-life cycles in any type of application. They are also specifically designed for use when the product must be handled carefully through the system even with a need for high volume production.

With low maintenance and high energy efficiency, these are the ideal pump for many different systems and processing needs.

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