Understanding Below-Grade Waterproof Coatings in Seattle, WA

There are a variety of different below-grade Waterproof Coatings in Seattle Wa available to local property owners. What they all have in common is that they need to be applied by a specialist in order to provide adequate protection for basements, foundations, and other underground structures. Finding the right solution is largely a matter of finding the right contractor, but property owners who want to play a more active role in choosing the coating system that’s right for them can also learn more about what the process entails below.

Types of Systems

The two main types of below-grade waterproof coatings are known as positive side waterproofing and negative side waterproofing. The first of these involves the application of a waterproof membrane or coating to the side of the material that will be directly exposed. It can be used in both above-ground and below-ground applications but this type of system is really only applied during new construction.

Negative side waterproofing involves the application of a waterproof coating to the interior surface. This type of system is perfect for basement finishing projects and similar applications in which an existing structure must be effectively waterproofed.

The third type of waterproofing, called blind side waterproofing, can also be used in circumstances where neither of these more common systems can be applied. It doesn’t require full excavation, which means it’s possible to use blind side waterproofing even near property lines.

Site Considerations

Choosing the right type of Waterproof Coatings in Seattle Wa requires an in-depth understanding of the site conditions. These include available space, temperature limitations, drainage, structural integrity, hydrostatic pressure, and insulation, among others. Although it is possible for property owners, themselves, to investigate their options, only a trained professional can perform a full site evaluation and determine which type of waterproof coating will offer the best solution.

Signs of Trouble With Existing Waterproofing Systems

If a system has been installed incorrectly, it can lead to a variety of problems. Keep an eye out for signs of mold, mildew, and rot on wood that is near the ground, peeling or blistering paint, rusted metal, and cracks in concrete. If any of these signs are apparent, call a new contractor to discuss remediation options.

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