Vital Reasons to Retain One of the Naperville Child Custody Attorneys

When you break up with your children’s other parents, you might fear losing custody and contact with your children entirely. You worry the other parent will keep you away from them and not allow you to call, text, or see them in person.

However, you have rights as a parent that you can pursue to ensure you can maintain a relationship with your children. You can start pursuing them and protecting your status as a parent when you retain one of the experienced Naperville child custody attorneys to represent you.

Petitioning for Visitation

Depending on your circumstances, you may realize you cannot take full custody of the children. You might work a busy job that keeps you at the office for much of the week. You may be unavailable to your children from early in the morning until late at night.

Still, you may have ample time on the weekends and on holidays to see them. You can retain a lawyer to ask the court to award you visitation during these times. You may continue your relationship with them and avoid losing contact with them because you are no longer with their other parents.

Your lawyer may also ask the court to award you an equal say in how the children are raised. You may share just as much influence in their upbringing as the other parent. Find out more about retaining Naperville child custody attorneys by contacting Keller Legal Services.

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