What Causes MCI?

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Senior Care

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Mild cognitive impairment, or MCI, refers to the deterioration of mental faculties such as short-term memory and critical thinking processes. While all people in New Jersey experience lapses in memory sometimes, and may forget meetings or appointments, mild cognitive impairment can cause problems over the long run. For example, some seniors forget to pay their bills or their minds start to wander often in conversation. Mild cognitive impairment often causes other problems like depression, making it important to diagnose and treat as soon as possible.

There is no one cause of mild cognitive impairment. Partly the result of the aging process, partly the result of genes, and partly the result of lifestyle factors, mild cognitive impairment is unfortunately common.

Mild cognitive impairment may also be a sign that the person will develop dementia or Alzheimer’s. A progressive condition, mild cognitive impairment can be slowed but not necessarily cured.

However, health care interventions have come a long way. Memory care services are available to help slow the symptoms of MCI like forgetfulness, depression, and inability to concentrate. Cognitive stimulation in the forms of games and activities can strengthen the brain, and good nutrition can also help slow the effects of cognitive decline.

Whatever the causes of MCI, you can start slowing the progress of mental decline now by getting regular fresh air and exercise, eating well, and participating in fun and engaging activities.

If you have noticed yourself or a loved one exhibit signs of mild cognitive decline, do not hesitate to contact a physician or consult a senior care facility like Regency. Early assessments lead to early interventions, and early interventions help stem the progress of MCI. In New Jersey, there are a lot of different services available to help people cope with MCI effectively.

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