When And Where To Use Wedding Drapes

One of the beautiful things about a wedding is that the bride and groom have the option to choose the location to suit their personal taste and style. For some, this may be an exotic location on a beach or perhaps a destination wedding in a far away place.

For other couples, turning a local hall, backyard, wedding reception venue or a community center or hotel banquet room into their own specialized area is part of the enjoyment of the big event. By using wedding drapes, it is possible to cover some or all of the areas of the venue, giving the room just the look you want with very little cost.

The Head Table Area

As there are so many pictures taken during the dinner, having a beautiful backdrop for the head table is important. Even if there is a nice wall behind the table, adding wedding drapes gives a softer look and prevents glare on photos that can be a problem in both high and low lighting situations.

When choosing a backdrop for the head table, there are few common mistakes to avoid. Don’t choose a color that is too close to the dresses of the bridesmaids as this can cause strange effects in photographs. Instead, choose a neutral or contrasting color for the best look.

Cover Up Areas

Walls, stage entrances, storage room doors and other types of areas can be easily covered up with wedding drapes. The drapes can be used on pre-made frames to block areas from sight and to also prevent guests from getting into spaces where they don’t need to be.

With these larger areas, consider softer looking, lighter styles of drapes. These include the voile and tulle fabrics that are sheer enough to be lightweight will still providing enough cover to keep the area looking beautiful.

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