Where To Find Asphalt Paving And A Sand Hauling Truck In Arlington WA

Commercial landscaping is complicated by the requirements for paved areas for parking, driveways and nearby streets. Educational facilities, golf and tennis clubs, and other public facilities that offer outdoor athletics need paved areas for athletic activities. These areas may need special striping and marking. Projects may require large amounts of sand hauled in. Whether these are existing projects that need renovations or new projects being built, experienced paving services are needed.

Paving Requirements

A good paving job requires the correct equipment and method of preparation and installation. The professional, experienced pacing company needs equipment such as a Sand Hauling Truck in Arlington WA, a large asphalt hauling and laying truck, large equipment to prepare the base, and equipment to level and compact the new asphalt. Then, they need the proper equipment to stripe and mark the new surface as needed.

A contractor who wants to come in and pour asphalt on an area without the proper base work is not the right company to hire. Asphalt fails when it is not installed on a uniformly hard, level base. Then, the asphalt must be of a superior quality, applied at the correct temperature, and in the correct thickness for the end user. The proper roller equipment must be used to compact and level the new asphalt. If any of these steps are not done correctly, the asphalt surface will not be the best quality.

Where Paving Is Used

Asphalt paving is the ideal surface treatment for streets, driveways, parking lots, outdoor sports surfaces, and more. Asphalt is a surface that is strong and durable but has a little give for athlete’s feet. Asphalt surfaces can be customized for every possible use.

Asphalt surfaces can be striped and marked in any way the client requires. So, one area can be marked with parking spaces while another can be marked as a basketball court, tennis court, baseball diamond, or competitive track ring. Driveways and streets can be striped for local requirements.


When an asphalt surface is getting older, but still usable, it can be sealcoated to look almost new again. Sealcoating can add years of use to an asphalt surface. A professional sealcoating company will repair the asphalt surface, filling in holes and cracks before sealcoating begins.

Other Services

Asphalt companies may offer other services such as maintenance, snow removal, and Supplying a Sand Hauling Truck in Arlington WA.

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