Why Add Flood Insurance to Your Policy?

by | Feb 2, 2015 | Insurance

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As a home owner, you work to make sure your home is fully protected. By purchasing home owner’s insurance, you can be sure your home is covered for different types of damage that might occur. Unfortunately, a basic home-owner’s policy will not fully cover your home. This is why it is important you add coverage for Flood Insurance. If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, this is crucial for the full protection of your home.

When flood waters enter your home, they can cause massive damage very quickly. Water can destroy porous items and surfaces in your home. Flood waters can also lead to mold and mildew growth, which can cause further damage. If your home is properly covered, any damage caused by the flood waters will be taken care of.

A Flood Insurance policy will cover your damaged furniture and any repairs that need to be carried out. The insurance company will call an adjuster to come out and evaluate the damages. Photos and videos will be taken for the insurance claim. The adjuster will work with you to ensure all damage is properly documented so the damages can be paid for through the coverage the policy offers.

The amount of coverage you need will depend on your property and home. If you are considering purchasing this type of coverage, it is a good idea to meet with an insurance agent so you can learn about your coverage options. The agent can assist you in making sure you have the coverage you need so you do not have to worry about damages, should they strike.

Before you purchase your insurance, it is important you make sure you read through the fine print and are fully aware of your policy’s coverage and exclusions. This will ensure there are no unwanted surprises should you ever need to file a claim.

If you are in need of insurance coverage, make sure you contact an agent and get the help you need. With a home-owner’s insurance policy with added flood coverage, you can rest assured your home and belongings are fully covered.

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