Why You should Consider UPVC Windows

by | Oct 28, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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When it comes to selecting windows for a new home, or choosing replacement windows for a remodel, there are a number of options available. UPVC windows in Edinburgh offer superior insulation that are specifically designed for a great exterior appearance for your home. From the day they are installed, this type of window will help to conserve energy in your home, reduce the production of greenhouse gases and even save you money.

In areas of the developed world, UPVC has become the most widely used type of residential framing material used for windows. Currently, it holds about 80 percent of the window market for residential areas in the United Kingdom and more than 60 percent in the United States.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and able to save you a great deal of money, UPVC is able to be recycled up to 10 times. There are now a number of different programs that are dedicated to ensuring that UPVC stays out of landfills, working to put the material back into various new products. Even when older homes are demolished, the UPVC windows are broken down and then recycled, helping to reduce having to continue making new products.

What Exactly is UPVC?

PVC stands for poly vinyl chloride. When “U” is placed at the beginning, it refers to unplasticised, which means that it will create a strong and rigid window frame. When it is necessary, these materials might be reinforced with some type of metal for the hardware attachments.

UPVC is a type of simple plastic, which consists of 57 percent of ordinary salt. Approximately 40 percent of the product is ethylene, which is separated from the fuel products when it is being refined. The other additives that are included are colouring and stabilisers. The ethylene ingredient will also be found naturally in plants, which lead to the prospect of this being a completely renewable supply with bio-fuels.

When you opt for windows composed of UPVC, they are only consuming a small portion of the world’s oil reserves, which are becoming less and less each year. While the majority of oil products are burnt right away in order to create a source of energy, UPVC offers a number of different products that can last for several decades and then be recycled when their purpose is complete. If you are considering new windows, UPVC is definitely an option to learn more about.

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