Why You Should Hire Carpenter Ants Control Services in Arlington VA

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Pest Control

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Pests are always looking for a place to call home. Unfortunately, homeowners often find unwanted pests living inside their house. Carpenter ants can be especially damaging to a home. If they are present, it’s time to hire Ants Control Services in Arlington VA.

Carpenter Ants Destroy Homes

While typical ants are just a nuisance, carpenter ants can actually damage the structure of a home. This breed of ant chews through wood to build nests. Window sills, door frames and wall voids are typical nesting grounds for carpenter ants.

Over time, the damage caused by carpenter ants adds up. Homeowners may have to replace the wood in multiple locations around their home. While carpenter ants cause less damage than termites, the amount of damage they do leave behind is sure to put a strain on the homeowner’s wallet.

Carpenter Ants Have a Powerful Bite

No one wants to be bitten by an insect. Carpenter ants are known for their painful bite. These pests bite in self-defense, so if a person stumbles across a nest, they are likely to get bitten. They are even known to swarm their victims.

Carpenter ants are very large, and their bites may even break the skin. They leave behind large, itchy welts. Some people are allergic to carpenter ants, which may result in severe swelling or breathing difficulties. Children are especially vulnerable to carpenter ant bites.

Preventing an Infestation Is Key

The main goals of an extermination service are to kill existing infestations and to prevent new ones from forming. Local Ants Control Services in Arlington VA thoroughly inspect properties to look for signs of pests. If an infestation is found, they will treat it accordingly.

Even if no signs of a carpenter ant infestation are noted, a pest control service will recommend preventative measures. This may include treating the home with pesticides to kill any ants if they enter. They may also suggest ways to deter ants and other pests from setting up residence inside the home.

Homeowners should call out an exterminator if they find carpenter ants in their home. Regular pest control services will also help prevent future infestations. Click Here to learn about different pests that can wreak havoc inside a home.

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