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by | Feb 27, 2018 | Water Proofing

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Always choose professionals

If you need waterproofing contractors to finish waterproof repair for you, choose professionals such as nearby Foundation Repair Fairfax. You should know that there are three basic lines of defense for basement waterproofing which include surface drainage, subsurface drainage, and waterproofing on the wall surface. The goal of surface drainage is to keep water from surface sources away from the foundation by sloping the ground surface and using gutters and downspouts for roof drainage. Subsurface drainage is important to intercept, collect, and carry away any water in the ground surrounding the basement, and waterproofing is the final line of defense.

Add additional living space to your home

Not only can a basement remodeling or renovation project in your home add additional living space, but with proper insulation, anti-microbial and mold resistant wall and floor systems, it can increase the energy efficiency in your home as well. It will save you money on heating, and air-conditioning bills, which Apex Waterproofing knows can add up. Let their experienced team develop a custom solution for you and your home. Their renovation process will turn your unfinished product into a vibrant and useful living area.

Ask for no-obligation consultation and inspection

There is an opportunity for the crawlspace waterproofing too. It will allow easy access to plumbing, electrical and other such maintenance, repair, and installation needs. In essence, a crawl space, as its name implies, is a variation of a basement in which one crawls around. In any case, you can call professionals from Foundation Repair Fairfax in anytime for a no-obligation consultation and inspection, or fill out the adequate form. They are located in Woodbridge and serve all homes and businesses across northern Virginia. Let them help you protect your property before it’s too late.

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