2 Alternative Coins or Altcoins to Trade Over Bitcoin in Kentucky

Did you miss the boat when it came to investing in Bitcoin? Are you now wondering how you can buy Bitcoin as it has reached its all-time high? Have you also thought about investing in other digital currencies but do not know what other crypto assets there are available? If so, then here are two other cryptocurrencies or digital currencies that you can buy and sell.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash, also known in the market by BCH, is an alternative digital currency that is available to trade. This “altcoin” was created in 2017 to accommodate an increasing count of transactions and to increase the block size limit. You can trade BCH for cash and vise versa.


Litecoin or LTC is another digital currency that is available for trading or buying and selling. This coin is a peer-to-peer type of cryptocurrency and was created in the later part of 2011. The Litecoin network aims to be quicker in processing transactions when compared to Bitcoin. For this reason, it has now gained popularity and a following throughout the years as another altcoin to Bitcoin.

Where or How to Buy These Altcoins in KY

Perhaps you are now excited and are now wondering where you can buy Bitcoin Cash and/or buy Litecoin in Louisville, KY. Visit the nearest RockItCoin Bitcoin ATM. Their ATM machines were designed specifically for you to buy and sell Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. So, when searching for a safe and highly secure ATM to buy Bitcoin Cash and/or buy Litecoin in Louisville, KY, their ATMs are the ones you should be using. Visit their website today to find the nearest digital currency ATM.

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