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Who Benefits From Art Galleries?

Many artists make their start selling their work at local art galleries. This is how they are able to present their art to the art community and network. By presenting their art in a gallery artists are able to gain much-needed exposure in a community with fierce...

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Stand Up Comedy Done Right!

There is standup comedy and then there is STAND UP COMEDY.   You will know the difference when you sit through a show. There is something to be said for the experience of the club when you are going to check out some stand up. A club that has a strong reputation for...

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Tips for Getting Custom Ink in San Diego CA

When you make the decision to get Custom Ink in San Diego CA, it is important you choose wisely. You need to make sure you choose a professional tattoo artist that will be able to carry out your wishes for design and color, whether you draw the initial design or have...

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