2 Important Documents That Will Need to Be Certified to Move to the UAE

You are nearing retirement, and you and your spouse are planning on moving overseas. As you both discuss which country will be your next permanent home, you recall a time when you and your spouse visited the UAE. You both look at each other and say, “Dubai.” You are now beginning to think about the visa process. You also begin to wonder about all the documents you will need to submit. Here are at least 2 important documents that will need to be submitted for Certificate attestation service.

Marriage Certificate

One of the most important documents you will need to have certified to apply for a visa for the UAE is your marriage certificate. As mentioned, you and your spouse have decided to move to Dubai when you retire. This means you will need to show proof of your marriage, and an attestation service provider will help authenticate your document.

Financial Records

As with moving or relocating to any country, your finances are extremely important to ensure sustainability. For this reason, your financial records such as your bank accounts, bank statements, and/or records of your assets will need to be submitted when moving to the UAE. This is to ensure you will not become a public charge to the country.

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