2 Romantic Day Date Activities You Should Consider in Maryland

Did you recently ask someone to go on a date with you and are ecstatic that they said yes? Are you now planning the perfect romantic getaway that will impress your date? Will the date takes place during the daytime as both of you have to work in the evening? If so, then here are two activities to consider for your daytime date in Ocean City.

Rent a Boat

One of the most romantic activities you should consider for your date is to rent a boat. Renting a boat provides you and your date with privacy to get to know each other without having to share the space with tourists. Consider renting a pontoon boat to make it a truly memorable experience.

Picnic on the Boardwalk

Another romantic activity you should consider for your day date is to have a picnic on the boardwalk while taking in breath-taking views of the water. A picnic on the boardwalk will provide a unique experience and will certainly impress your date.

The Best Date Food for Any Activity in Maryland

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