2 Things You Should Do Next When You Find Gold Coins In California

Watching your favorite treasure hunting reality television show, you begin to daydream about finding your very own treasure. You picture yourself with a metal detector in-hand, searching every area of an arid landscape. After the show, you decide to stop daydreaming and make it a reality. You will be heading to a nearby peak to begin treasure hunting for gold. Hours pass and with extraordinary luck, you have found a pile of gold coins buried just 2 feet below the surface. Here are 2 things you should consider doing next.

Check Mintage

One thing you should do is to check the coins’ mintage. Do this by lightly brushing off dirt and other debris off the coins using a soft brush. When checking the coin’s mintage, it is important to check for any dates and symbols or imagery on the coins. This will help during the appraisal process.


Another thing you should consider doing next is having the coins appraised. The easiest way to have your gold coins appraised is through the services of a local pawn shop. A pawn shop will help determine authenticity and may be able to offer you a significant amount for your find.

Where to Go

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