2 Well-Known Brands of Manual Cutters Used by Tile Setters in MN

Have you been using an electric cutter or saw for all your floor tiling projects? Has a client reached out to you and asked you to not use an electric cutter to avoid disturbing their neighbors? Have you been considering acquiring a manual cutter but do not know which brand you should buy? If you answered yes, then here are 2 well-known brands that manufacturer manual tile cutters.


Sigma is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of manual cutters for tiles. They have been offering their special brand of cutters since 1964 and currently offer seven models of cutting tools. Three of their top-selling manual cutters are the Sigma 2A3 20? cutter, Sigma 3E4M MAX 51?, and the Sigma 12E 96? cutter.

Rubi Tools

Rubi is another leading manufacturer of manual cutters and has been in the tile cutting equipment business since 1951. They specialize in both manual and electrical machinery to cut and set ceramics and other building materials. They offer manual cutters, saws, slab systems, tile polishing pads, stone polishing pads, and more. Their most popular manual cutter product is the Rubi TX-MAX Professional series of cutters that come in three variations, 28″, 40″, and 49″.

The Bottom Line

These are only to mention 2 well-known brands that manufacture manual tile cutters. Whichever brand you choose, do not forget to include safety gear like goggles or safety glasses and gloves. You should also consider wearing suitable protective clothing and shoes for all your professional tiling projects, large or small.

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