3 Advantages of Using Access Control For Your U.S. Commercial Business

An important security feature to consider for your business is the use of a commercial access control system. This is an electronic system that uses key cards to verify authorized individuals before admitting them into a facility or into restricted areas within a facility. There are many advantages to using this type of system in your business, such as those mentioned below.

Get Rid of Keys

Traditional keys are difficult to track and can get lost more easily. When an employee quits or has to be fired, getting that key back can pose a challenge. Conversely, a key card that’s used with an access control system doesn’t need to be reclaimed. You can simply revoke an authorization, rendering the card useless.

Keep Track of Access

The system will also let you keep track of who is entering and exiting the facility or room. If some type of criminal activity, such as theft or sabotage, is committed, you’ll be able to check the record for who had access to that area. This can help you pin down a culprit faster and with greater certainty.

Regulate Access Remotely

You can grant access to restricted areas when employees need to work in those areas. Afterward, you can remove their authorization with just a few keystrokes. Some commercial access control systems also allow you to make changes in the system remotely via a mobile app. If there’s an emergency, you can grant access to the facility without having to be there in person.

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