3 Benefits of Glass Windows and Doors for Storefronts in Fairfax, VA

Large glass windows and doors are becoming more and more popular for storefronts around the world. There are many benefits of using large glass windows as opposed to smaller, standard windows and opaque doors. It can create an airier, more positive environment, which can boost employee morale and give a better impression to potential customers.

Increase Natural Light

Stores with poor lighting can feel small and stuffy — not necessarily an environment you want to be in. By allowing natural light to penetrate the store space, it can improve the overall look and feel of the store. Storefronts in Fairfax, VA, look far more exquisite with large glass windows and doors versus smaller standard designs.

Makes a Space Seem Bigger

For smaller spaces, natural light is important. Fluorescent lighting can make the area look cheap and uninviting. Glass will bring in warm, natural light, creating a more upscale appearance. A brighter, airier vibe is far more attractive and gives the space a contemporary feel. If privacy is an issue, Beltway Auto & Plate Glass offers frosted glass and tinted glass, among others.


Glass is timeless and durable. Glass can save on energy bills, thanks to the sunlight that can naturally warm a space. Storefronts in Fairfax, VA, will benefit from using glass, from thick tinted glass to durable plexiglass.

Upgrade your store front by choosing Beltway Auto & Plate Glass for all of your glass needs.

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