3 Common Types of Problems New Cannabis Growers Often Deal With

In states throughout the nation, many people are legally growing cannabis plants indoors. If you’re wanting to do this, it’s important to avoid a few growing problems that new growers typically face. Here are three types of problems cannabis growers sometimes encounter.

Mildew Starts Showing Up

One of the worst problems new growers deal with is too much humidity. After this begins happening, you’ll likely start seeing mildew forming on your plants. Unfortunately, mildew can spread fast and cause damage to all of the plants in your grow room. If you’re wanting to avoid this problem, make sure you have adequate grow room ventilation

Nutrient Burn Takes Place

It’s understandable to want to ensure you have healthy cannabis plants. Unfortunately, this often comes at the expense of having your plants go through what’s known as nutrient burn. This phenomenon gets its name from what happens to plants when they receive too many nutrients. If you see brownish tips at the ends of your plants, you’re likely dealing with this problem.

You See Spider Mites

Another problem that certain growers deal with is spider mites. These problematic pests won’t do much damage if they’re caught early on. However, if not treated right away, you might have to deal with an infestation of these bugs. To prevent the presence of these bugs, it’s a good idea to check your plants every few days. You’ll also want to invest in a quality grow room ventilation system.

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