3 Features of a Reputable Web Design Company in Michigan

Seeking a web design company in Michigan to support your online presence? Whether you’re interested in a new or redesigned website, you want the best possible team. In your search for the experts of great repute who can get your business where you want it to go, it often pays to consider three features: experience, resources and creativity.


Do the companies you’re considering have ample experience in web design? As you do your research, ask your company contact for a portfolio. Most reputable web design companies provide a portfolio on their websites, along with clients’ names and testimonials. Browsing through a portfolio can give you an idea of the company’s work — and the ways in which they furthered their clients’ business objectives. You might also ask whether you may contact a past client to further discuss their experience with the company.


In an increasingly mobile society, it’s important that your online presence can reach your targeted audiences. Does the web design company you’re considering have the resources and knowledge to stay abreast of responsive and mobile web design development and trends? Don’t be afraid to ask the question, and remember the resources of a web design company in Michigan can range from employees, software and funding to access to industry conferences and knowledge bases.


As with any online project, it’s typical to meet obstacles as you move ahead. It’s also much easier to overcome these when you work with individuals who rise to the challenge by employing creative methods. Not only is creativity critical to the design process, but also to the production process. Ask your web design company candidates about the ways in which they have creatively overcome past design and production obstacles.

As you look for a reputable web design company in Michigan, bear these three features in mind. They can help you narrow your candidate list down to find the company that best fits you and your project. Let EXTEND GROUP create an effective website for you, that’s mobile-friendly and optimized for your target audience.

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