3 Key Features That You Want in a Used Ford Explorer

You’ve owned a Ford Explorer in the past and would like to have one again. Why not look around for a used Ford Explorer in St Charles that’s a good fit for you? Keep these three qualities in mind and you can’t go wrong.

Low Mileage

You do expect any previously owned Ford Explorer in St Charles to have some miles on the engine, but make sure the amount is within reason. Even if the vehicle is maintained properly, higher mileage does carry some risk. Settle on a maximum mileage that you are comfortable with and focus on Explorers that don’t exceed the figure.

Everything Works

It’s important to take nothing for granted. Settle into the driver’s seat and try everything. From the windshield wipers to the lights to the way the engine idles, no feature should be overlooked. Your goal is to ensure that everything on the Explorer works properly before you take it for test drive. Assuming that the drive goes smoothly and you are happy with the way the vehicle handles, it may be the right one for you.

A Clean History

Even if you are impressed with the Ford Explorer up to this point, there’s one more thing you want to check. Ask to see the car history. Your goal is to make sure the title is clear and that the vehicle has not been involved in any serious mishap. When the history appears to be routine, your search may be over.

Now is a great time to shop for a high-quality used Ford Explorer. At Hawk Ford of St. Charles, we have a number of Explorers on hand that you will like. Visit to check out our inventory, then come by and test drive a few. You’re sure to find one that will be exactly what you want.

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