3 Reasons To Upgrade Indoor Lighting

Living in an older home doesn’t mean that people have to make do with old, outdated technology. A very easy way to give any older home a new, modern look is to upgrade to new indoor lighting options.

There are several reasons why this makes sense. Many homeowners choose to do it for energy efficiency sake, with that being one of the most often noted reasons. However, there are other reasons as well including being more environmentally friendly and leading a “greener” lifestyle.

Understanding how new indoor lighting can bring about a change starts with a closer look at the advantages and reasons behind this lighting renovation.

Provide More Directed Light

One of the issues in older homes is the lack of light where it is needed. The old styles of incandescent light bulbs did not provide the same quality of light possible with LED lights. By changing to a cooler temperature of LED light the quality of light will be more like natural daylight. Additionally, with different types of fixtures, the light can be directed where needed.

Decrease Energy Bills

LED lights are more energy efficient than compact fluorescents (CFLs) as well as traditional incandescent lighting options. According to Energy.Gov, the typical LED will last about 25 times longer than an incandescent bulb while using up to 75% less energy over the entire life of the bulb.

Even moving up to CFLs can help to reduce power use. They do have an initial surge of power use to start, but they will also operate on about 70% less power than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs for indoor lighting will last about eight times longer than traditional light bulbs.

Create a Safer Living Space

With the different sizes and options in fixtures for LED and CFLs, it is possible to create a safer home environment. These lights can be used in any room or outdoors, providing light along walkways, on stairs and as ambient or primary light in any room.

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