3 Reasons Why Non-Custodial Parents May Seek Out Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody matters aren’t always settled at the time the original custody arrangement is made. Complications can arise later that motivate noncustodial parents to seek out Montgomery County child custody lawyers in hopes of making things better for their children. Here are three common scenarios that may motivate the parent to seek legal counsel.

One has to do with a denial of visitation rights. If the custodial parent constantly has reasons why the noncustodial parent cannot spend time with the child, something is wrong. When repeated attempts to reschedule visitations fail, it may be time to involve a lawyer. Doing so may be all it takes to ensure the custodial parent is more cooperative in the future.

Another reason has to do with concerns about the child’s safety. This could arise due to a change in the child’s demeanor that leads to finding out that there’s a sense of being unsafe in the custodial home. If there’s a reason to believe those fears have a basis in fact, the custodial parent may seek out a lawyer and attempt to gain physical custody.

Noncustodial parents may consult Montgomery County child custody lawyers when their children are older and indicate they would rather not live with the custodial parent any longer. Depending on the reasons for that preference, the court may decide the child would be better off living with the noncustodial parent. The only way that can happen legally is with the help of a lawyer.

Whatever situation you’re facing with your child, rest assured that the Montgomery County child custody lawyers have seen similar issues before. Schedule a consultation and bring along any documentation that is in your possession. It won’t take long to determine what can be done to make things better for your child.

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