3 Reasons Your U.S. Facility Should Switch to Steel Conveyor Rollers

There are many types of conveyor systems in industrial and commercial businesses throughout the country, but many industries are switching to steel conveyor roller systems. This is because this type of conveyor system offers advantages over vinyl, cloth, or other belt-based systems. Here are a few benefits of switching to steel rollers.

Transport Over Inclines

In many situations, it’s necessary to raise a system to keep the transport of products far overhead and out of the way. While any type of conveyor system is capable of this, systems that use large belts often require more energy and pose greater wear and tear problems. Steel rollers will use less energy to perform the same job and they won’t be damaged in the process.

Handle Heavier Items

Steel rollers will also support more weight without experiencing a reduction in efficiency. This is especially important when heavy packages or manufactured products exceed the weight limitations of conveyor belt systems. Steel rollers are the best solution for transporting bulky or heavy items.

Greater Durability

A steel conveyor roller system will require less maintenance and the rollers will last longer. While belts need extra care and may still rip or tear, a roller only needs to be oiled on a consistent basis. As long as it’s kept lubricated and free of debris, it will last for years. When you do find a damaged roller, you can replace that one roller without having to disrupt the entire system.

If you want to consider switching to steel rollers on your conveyor system, contact Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. online at https://conveyorrollers.com.

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