3 Secret Skin Treatments You Probably Didn’t Know About

Every woman wants healthier, younger looking skin growing up. It really comes down to consistency of the lifestyle she upholds. This isn’t easy and if it was, every woman would have perfect looking skin, but they don’t. Not only does it take consistent application of skin treatment in New York month after month but also dedication and hard work through all aspects of life.

Is what you’re eating and drinking good for your skin?

If your weekly routine is to go out every Friday and Saturday night – get cant-even-walk-straight drunk and head over to the Shawarma Place around the corner. Your skin isn’t going to look good for long.

Alcohol dehydrates you – hence why, if you don’t drink plenty of water before falling asleep you wake up with that hangover. If it does that to you the next morning, what is it doing to your skin?

Eating healthy not only is beneficial for your waistline but your skin as well. If all you eat is high acidic foods, the lower your PH levels will be. The more years your PH levels are low the faster your skin will age. Stay away from fast food, sugary drinks and anything processed.

Relaxing in the sun

There is a lot of information out there on how the sun is so great for you when it comes to things like vitamin D, but, you should keep in mind that it speeds up the process of how your skin ages.

Some people take this to the extreme and wear sunscreen every single day. Yes they do have pale skin but at 45, they look like a hot mid-twenties model. Some Korean skin care treatment regimes demand wearing sunscreen. 5 minutes in the sun 10-20 times a day does add up.

If you’re a beach bum and around the age of 25, does your cleavage already show signs of wrinkling? Not saying you shouldn’t suntan anymore, just limit the amount of time you spend in the sun. Just ask yourself will I regret this when I’m 50?

Are you that hot little gym bunny?

Tighter body equals tighter skin. No matter at what age. Being a lifelong skin treatment you can either have a lot of fun with this one or not. There are a million ways to keep a toned body. Yes it is an hour a day. But don’t you still want to make heads turn when your 43?

From yoga to weight training there is something for everyone. So stop making excuses and get going.

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