3 Things Professionals Will Check Before Staining Your Deck

Staining your deck has several benefits. It helps prevent the wood from rotting. The stain protects the surface from the elements including moisture caused by colder conditions and the sun. It preserves the aesthetics, and it expands the life span of the deck. Put together, you get a savings and enjoyment because it will not wear out quickly. Professionals who perform deck staining in Kansas City are ready to offer expert services.

Here are three things professionals will check before staining your deck.


When the professionals arrive at your property, the first thing they will do is examine where you deck sits. They will take a look at the kind of exposure it receives. If it is directly exposed to the sun while the sun is out, it will determine the kind of stain they use. If the deck is also exposed directly to the winter elements, they take that into consideration, too. When protection for your deck exists, even if it is just half or a little more, it changes things slightly because the area is receiving some relief.

Prior Treatments

The professionals examining your deck are going to take a look at previous treatments. They are trying to figure out how well those treatments held up against time and the elements. If the previous treatment was successful, a version of that may be used again. If it was not, the experts figure out the stain that will do a better job for the following years.


Before the staining work begins, the deck staining Kansas City professionals determine the condition of the deck. Often, the first layer has to be stripped so that the stain can be applied to a clean surface. Sanding is also required most of the time. The goal is optimal conditions to stain.

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