3 Ways for Springfield Workers to Tell if They’re Victims of Discrimination

Although employment may be at-will, employers have responsibilities toward the people who work for them. The market typically dictates how much you’ll be paid for the job you do but employers cannot pay some employees more than others based on factors such as age, race, color, national origin or religion. There are a few signs that indicate a workplace might be practicing discrimination.

Lack of Diversity Overall

A diverse workplace is a sign your employer values inclusion. It could be uncomfortable for a woman, minority or disabled person to work somewhere where nobody looks like them. Many times, the lack of diversity is because people in those categories leave the company shortly after they’re hired due to discrimination. An Employment Law Lawyer Springfield MA workers count on for guidance could help you determine whether the lack of diversity might be discrimination.

Denied Promotions

If you or one of your coworkers was denied a promotion they were qualified for and the role was given to someone less qualified but who matched the gender, race, and religion of the other people in a similar role, this could be discrimination that an employment law lawyer in Springfield, MA could help resolve.

Unfair Assignments

Managers that give certain employees assignments that would be difficult or impossible for them to complete in order to create a paper trail that eventually leads to termination may be guilty of discrimination. If you think this might be happening to you, document all communication between you, your supervisor and human resources. You may need to share it with a legal team like Connor Morneau & Olin LLP later.

Connor Morneau & Olin LLP has a proven track record of settling employment discrimination cases. If you think you might be a victim, contact us at visit us website right away.

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